maandag 1 september 2014

White On White: Structured Blazer & Snake Slip-ons

I’m still holding on to the summer feeling, although the rain has been pouring the whole week. For my little visit to Maastricht with Natalie, I picked a soft color palette to ease the pain ;) Continue to see the rest of the outfit. 

vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Photography Tips #1

Many of you have been complimenting me on my photos, and every time I get such a nice comment, it truly makes my day. To do something back for you all, I want to give you my personal photography tips on how I make my images. In this post, you can read my own tips and tricks on photography basics, I give you more info about my own photography gear and about guarding your budget when buying a camera.

woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Recipe: Goat Cheese and Bacon Salad with Apple and Balsamic Dressing

It’s been a very long time since I shared a recipe with you guys, so it’s about time I made a new food post! One of my favorite salads is the goat cheese salad. Whenever I see it on a lunch menu, I cannot resist to it. I’ve never eaten exactly the same goat cheese salads, they are different in every restaurant or bar, but always delicious. Today I’m sharing my own goat cheese salad recipe with you guys!

maandag 25 augustus 2014

Minty Fresh: Beige Top & Mint Pencil Skirt

If you look at the weather outside, this is quite a summery outfit. These pics were made a while ago, when it was still warm. I kind of forgot that I still didn’t post these, so here they are now. Have a look at the rest of the pics!

vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

5 Favorite Blazers

We cannot deny it anymore, especially if we take a look at the weather outside; fall is coming. The good thing about fall is, that we can take out our beloved blazers again. I know, summer is so much more fun, but we can just as well take a look at the bright side of it. I’ve selected my 5 favorite blazers for you, just to get you all in a better mood!

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Beauty: Gold Summer Look

Last week I showed you my latest beauty buys and I told you I would show you a look with them very soon. I kept my word, because here it is! Continue to read how I made it.

maandag 18 augustus 2014

A Day In Antwerp: Peplum Top & Pink Necklace

Wow, is it Monday again? I’ still on Pukkelpop mode I think ;) Though the weather has been really bad (no sun, cold, rainy..), I had again such an amazing time! I'm always happy to be part of this fantastic festival and I wouldn't want to miss it for the world! Anyway, last weekend I’ve visited my cousin in Antwerp and we had a lovely afternoon together, just hanging around and chatting. That’s how I love my weekends!