woensdag 23 april 2014

Off to Stockholm + Packing Tips

Hello sweethearts! When you read this I'll probably be on my way to the airport, sitting on the plane or walking around in Stockholm, so no need to tell you that I am in a very good mood! I love travelling, but one thing I hate is packing. I always succeed to take half my wardrobe and bathroom with me and my suitcase is always stuffed to it's maximum. It gets worse when I buy things on my trip and when I have to check in my suitcase for the return flight, because chances are high that it's overweight. 

My friend Stéphanie and I had this unfortunate happening when we returned from Barcelona. Our suitcase was overweight, but we refused to pay a penalty cost. We started going through our suitcase like 2 crazy people and tried to get rid off access weight (almost empty bottles, magazines that we already read,..) and we put on layers of clothes. Its was no sight!

To avoid these kind off drama's in the future I made a short list of how you can pack smart and maximize your packing space!

  • All airlines allow a hand luggage up to 10 kg per person, use it to carry your most beloved or most valuable things.
  • Divide your beauty in different categories (hair, face, body) and narrow down what you truly need. Try to limit the appliances you take with you.
  • Always take bandages and pills in case you might hurts yourself, have sore feet or have a headache. Those things mostly happen when you're on a trip

  •  Pick out basic pieces from your wardrobe you can mix and match into different outfits.
  • Accessorize with a statement necklace or a scarf to uplift your outfit or to create different looks
  • already combine different outfits with the clothes you bring with you, so you know everything can match each other. Write down your outfits ideas so you remember them when you're abroad (no panic attacks needed!)

  • Invest in mini's or buy mini holders to carry your favorite products. they take up a lot less space and weight
  • Always take with you a comfortable pair of sneakers to walk around during the day. Take one elegant pair to wear during the evenings
  • Roll up your clothes. This way they will take up less space and stay wrinkle free when you unpack them!

  • Keep your make-up to a minimum. Only take one neutral eye shadow palette with you and 2 different lip shades (one natural and one bright color)
  • Put things that can spill (like shampoo, hair oil,..) or delicate things (like make-up brushes) in separate plastic bags, so your clothes wont get dirty.
  • Fold your clothes inside out to the outside cannot be damaged
  • stuff free space like the inside of your shoes with socks or underwear, so you have more space left over in your suitcase

  • Don't underestimate the importance of lists. Make a checklist so you know for sure you have everything you need with you. Check it again before you leave to the airport.
  • To keep your blazers looking wrinkle free, put one sleeve into the other and lay them on top of clothes
  • If you want to take delicate shoes with you, put them in the box so they wont get damaged

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and I hope they were a bit useful. As usual you can follow my trip via my instagram (@sara_windowonmywardrobe) were I will daily upload pictures. I will read your lovely comments and reply to your blog as soon as I can!



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maandag 21 april 2014

Happy Easter! Cream Jacket & Light Khaki

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend and that you’ve got lot’s off chocolate eggs to enjoy. Haha, the best part of Easter if you ask me! Other good news: I’ve got the whole week off, Yihaa! *doing a happy dance* Wednesday we will fly off to Stockholm, so I still have some preparations to do.

I showed you my most recent purchases not so long ago in this post and on my Instagram (@sara_windowonmywardrobe) and because I received many outfit requests, I styled a look with some new items as fast as I could. Starting with my pants: oh my god how comfortable are these? Really, they are super stretchy and the color is just perfect for spring. I’m ever more enthusiastic about my other Zara purchase: the cream jacket. I’ve been thinking of buying this jacket for weeks, but there were just too many pretty jackets on the Zara website and I could not decide. Then I saw my regular size was sold out so I had to go a size up. I knew it was now or never so I ordered it, and actually you can hardly notice it’s a bigger size. I love the details of this jacket; the rosé golden hardware, the asymmetric cut, the look of the fabric.  I’m a happy camper! 

I wore a white t-shirt with lace details underneath the jacket and styled it with my new statement necklace from H&M. I had loved to wear heels with this outfit, but as I was doing a lot of walking that day, that wouldn’t have been a great idea. My golden flats work just as good!

What do you think of this outfit?


Jacket Zara 
Top H&M 
Bottom Zara     
Shoes Hampton Bays (similar
Clutch Primark
Necklace H&M
Earrings Guess

Photo Credits: Natalie

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vrijdag 18 april 2014

My Favorite Handbags

Even though I’m a real shoe addict, I also love pretty handbags (which girl doesn’t?) In contrary of what you might think, I don’t have that many handbags. The last few years I tried not to buy a lot of low budget bags (I just used to buy them and think, well for that money I cannot leave it!) and I tried to focus on real quality and timeless designs. In that way you really don’t need that many bags, because you can style the quality bags you purchase with so many outfits and they don’t easily get out of style.

What I find important when purchasing a bag: well it actually depends on the type of bag. A clutch or crossbody can be something funky and does not have to be very expensive; an everyday satchel needs to have a much higher quality and has to be a timeless design.
I’ve listed my favorite handbags from my own modest collection, and I use these almost all the time!

1   Michael Kors Studded Selma

My super sweet boyfriend bought me this gorgeous Michael Kors bag for my birthday and I am still so in love with this baby! Off course I gave him a heads up of what I wanted, but he choose this particular Selma model and color. The Selma has a classic design, is quite boxy and sturdy (which makes It easier to find your stuff) and is not too small, not too big. It is made out of Saffiano leather, which is very weather and usage proof and easy to maintain. It also has straps so I can wear it as a crossbody as well, which is very practical.
You have seen this bag passing by a lot, and you will still see it a lot in the future! I just can’t get enough of it!

See some outfits with this bag here & here

2             Diane Von Furstenberg Lips Embellished Clutch

One of my eye catchers: the DVF Lips Clutch! I’ve always loved Diane’s designs because they are so funky yet stylish and have a good quality. A year ago I saw this particular bag on my all time favorite blogger Wendy. I was head over heels of how she styled it and I knew this pretty bag was destined for me. So I ordered it and guess what, one week later it was out of stock! The lips clutches and wallets are a classic by DVF, but the bags itself always change from colors, materials, hardware style… every season they look a bit different, so it’s always sort of a limited edition. These are some current styles that are available right now: leopard, quilted white & black, black snake, gold
What I love about this bag: it’s fun, but versatile. It spices up a very simple outfit and the combination of black and gold is very easy to combine with many outfits. You can remove the straps to wear is as a clutch or keep the straps to wear it as a crossbody. Even though it’s small, it’s perfect for your essentials if I go out for dinner, a party or a stroll in the sunlight.

See some outfits with this bag here & here

3             Sac d’Anvers Camel Tote

This is already an oldie, but I still like it a lot. It’s not really from a brand, but the design is very simple and popular. It’s 100% real leather, made in Italy and it’s the perfect camel color. After 4 years it still looks very good, and I’ve used it many times! The handles are larger so I can wear it on my shoulder or just carry it on my arm. 

See some outfits with this bag here & here

4             & Other Stories Camera Bag

This was my most recent bag purchase and I was able the score this one on sale! I had been looking for a pretty camera bag and I stumbled upon this lovely design from & Other Stories. This is actually not a real camera bag, but thanks to the boxy design it fits my camera + an extra lens! I also use this bag as a normal bag, so it’s actually a 2 in 1 bag :D
& Other Stories had pretty and good quality bags so I will definitely be buying another one in the future!

See some outfits with this bag here & here

5             Mellow Yellow Black Sequined Clutch

When I was in France last Summer I came across the Mellow Yellow store. I already liked this French brand because of their beautiful shoes, but this clutch caught my eye. I was looking for a gold sequined clutch at that time, but I also liked this black version. Simple, but always elegant and off course… sparkly! :)

See some outfits with this bag here & here 

6             Silis Silver Satchel

Another favorite is this silver bag from the Belgian brand Silis called “the coolbag”. It looks a lot like the well-known Cambridge satchel, but it has it’s differences in colors, materials, seizes and details (Silis has studded styles, die-cut,..). I picked out the bag in Silver, such a glam style! Though it is a small bag, you can fit a lot in it! I carried it around all the time last summer, and I will also do that this summer!

I also loved this bag in neon pink or yellow, but the Silver one is easier to combine and was also very eye catching. So I thought I would start out with a more neutral color and buy a second one in a bright color if I was satisfied with it. Let’s see what I can find this summer!

See some outfits with this bag here & here 

7             Primark Nude Studded Clutch

To be honest, I’m not a huge Primark fan. I rarely buy clothes because the quality isn’t how I like it, but I do like to check out the jewelry and accessories. Especially for going to festivals or for going out, if the item gets damaged it’s really not a big deal. That’s also the reason I bought this clutch: perfect to go out for drinks and the design was actually very pretty, the perfect nude tone. When I go out people always spill drinks on me (seriously, I think I attract those kind of things) or stand on my feet (I have seize 36!) so I don’t like to use my good bags and shoes for that. The funny thing is that I haven’t found a quality clutch that I like as much as this one, so I actually use it a lot more than I thought I would!

See some outfits with this bag here & here 

Here’s a sneek peek of the upcoming outfit post, featuring this clutch ;-)

Oh and before I go, I want to congratulate my little sister, because today is her Birthday! Happy 23th B-day my love <3

This has been a long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Do you like my selection of bags? What’s your favorite? 



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woensdag 16 april 2014

Home Decoration: My Bedroom

A few months ago I showed you girls my living room (see it here) and at that time I didn't know our plans to build our own loft would become real so quickly. Right now we already gave our notice for our current apartment and we will be moving before summer. I’m getting scared just by writing about it, haha!

It feels a bit weird to show you our bedroom right now, but I still wanted to give you guys an idea of what it looks like right now. It will be fun to see the difference if I show you the new bedroom! Now let’s start the tour..

Our bedroom is quite spacious and we have a lot of big windows. I love it when the sunlight shines through the curtains on a Sunday morning; I wake up feeling fresh and happy! During the week I’m already driving to my work when the sun is rising, such a shame…

The bed is actually the bed I already had when I still lived at my parents’ house. I loved the girly design at that time, but now I’m looking for something more mature. I still think it’s pretty though!

I really wanted to have a light color in the room, so we choose for sky blue and I really love this color! The other walls were painted in a different color to focus on the sky blue wall. 

On the dresser opposite of the bed I have a large jewelry “box”. It’s not really a box, but more of an organizer you normally use to collect your mail and such things.. As you can see I don’t use it for that. I like to use things in a different way than they were meant to, maybe that’s a bit weird? :D  Anyway, besides jewelry I also store my perfumes in this organizer. My necklaces are hanging on the sides of the organizer, because they are too pretty to put away, don’t you think?

Our nightstands are one of my favorite features of the bedroom; I love it that we have 2 completely different nightstands. Who ever said they have to be identical? This gives the bedroom a lot more character. Can you guess which side is mine?...

… It’s the left one! ;-) I choose a very elegant table with round shapes and I put a basket on the lower shelf with some books, magazines and other stuff. On top of the tablet I have a jewelry box decorated with roses, my favorite books by Lauren Conrad and a lamp.  

My boyfriend has a white angular nightstand, it has a weathered look and the paint is cracked so it looks a lot more masculine than my nightstand. You can see a very old picture of us and don’t worry, that’s my jewelry next to it :D

And last but not least, my wardrobe! This closet only contains my clothes; my boyfriend’s clothes are hanging in a different closet in another room. Here’s a little peek of what’s in it, but the closet is actually too small. I really want to have a better overview of my clothes.

And that’s it! I’m definitely going to miss this bedroom, but it’s time for something new. I love decorating, so I’m happy to create a different bedroom :)

What do you think of my bedroom?  



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maandag 14 april 2014

Blossom Tree : Burgundy Dress & Nude Tones

If we’re talking colors, burgundy is one of my favorite fall/winter colors to wear, but combined with soft and light colors, it can easily be worn during spring/summer time as well. I picked out my beloved nude colored Choo’s to go with the dress, and added a nude colored belt with golden studs. To not completely accessorize in nude/beige tones I took my DVF lips clutch with me. I love the golden details; it makes it easier to combine this clutch with other colors and pieces that also include a little gold. I’d rather worn my white blazer on this outfit, but I was heading to a diner party and Sara + food + drinks + white is not a good combination apparently. I would not want any food stains on my crisp white blazer!

Do you like to wear burgundy during spring?


Dress Vila (similar here & here)
Blazer H&M
Belt Mango (also loving this design)
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Clutch Diane Von Furstenberg (similar)
Earrings New Look (old)

Pics by Stéphanie

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